Saturday, June 20, 2009


For those of you planning on attending tonight, we will likely be meeting inside the Rec Center. The weather forecasts do not look favorable this evening for being outside. If the weather does force us inside, the people at the front desk will be able to tell you where we are at.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 Year Reunion!!! Please Read and RSVP!!

The WXHS Class of 1999 10 Year Reunion Is Finally Here!!
We appreciate all the feedback we received in planning this event and hope that it will be memorable event for everyone! Due to overwhelming response in favor of a more casual and inexpensive event, we will gather for our 10 year reunion on June 20 at 6:00pm at the Bountiful City Park (200 West 400 North). Our reserved site will be on the South-West corner of the park at the large stage pavilion. We have also reserved the new Rec Center (the bubble) adjacent to the park from 9:15pm-12:00am. We will have access to the competition pool and lap pool, racquetball, rock climbing wall, multi-purpose gym, and possibly ice rink (depending on how many of you want this option).
As previously mentioned, everyone can bring their own dinner (or not if you just want to stop by) and we will provide drinks and desserts. We will also have plastic wear available there for use if you would like. The cost for the first half of the event will be $3 per person. This is just to cover the drinks, desserts, and reservation costs for the park. We ask that you pay this at the time of your arrival when you sign in and get a name tag. There is no pre-pay option for this portion of the event.
The second portion of the event at the Rec Center will commence at approximately 9:15pm and run until midnight. If you cannot make it to the first portion of the event, you are welcome to join us here. The cost for this portion if you wish to attend will be $7 per person if you pre-pay through the blog (available shortly), or $10 per person if you pay upon arrival. We will be issuing passes for those who pay for this option for access to the Rec Center. We think it will be a fun way to continue the event once it is dark.
Again, we are looking forward to this memorable occasion. As mentioned before, for some this informal setting may not be what you had in mind, while for others it is exactly what you wanted. Our main goal through planning this event has been to get as many people together for this one event as possible. Based on the many comments and emails we have received, we feel that we will have a great turnout and a very memorable experience in reuniting with former classmates and peers! We look forward to seeing everyone very soon!!

Jorge, Trish, Andrea

P.S. Please RSVP either here, by email, or on Facebook to let us know if you will be attending and how many will be in your party so that we can plan appropriately for drinks and desserts. Thanks!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 Year Reunion Update: Please Read and Respond!!

In planning and preparing for our upcoming WXHS Class of 1999 10 year reunion, we have had several suggestions and comments that we would like to present to everyone. If you have not already visited our webpage ( for information on the upcoming event, we would encourage you to do so. The event is scheduled June 20, 2009 and is set to be held at the Rice-Eccles Stadium and Tower that evening from 6:00pm-10:00pm. We are very excited at the opportunity to get together with everyone after so many years.
We have planned and prepared for a formal event, as is sometimes customary for a 10 year reunion, complete with a formal setting, catered dinner, etc, and have tried to keep the cost per individual consistent with what other schools and years have charged for entrance. We do, however, understand that in light of current economic situations, both generally and individually, the thought of spending more money on an event may not appeal to everyone. In being sensitive to the current situation and open to alternatives, we wanted some feedback on this year’s reunion. The objective of any reunion is to reunite with former classmates and peers, and that will take place regardless on June 20th.
The alternative that we submit to you is a change of venue (a park for example) where everyone brings their own dinner (or not if you would just like to stop by) and we provide the drinks and desserts. This would be informal, and you could bring your kids if you would like. We would still have a short program, but it would otherwise be just a time and place where we can all get together. We would only ask that you bring a couple of dollars per person to help pay for drinks and the cost to reserve the site. Afterwards, once it is dark, we have considered renting out the new Bountiful Recreation Center from 9:00pm-Midnight for those who would like to come (we have put a hold on it for now).
For some, this may not be what you had in mind, for others it may be exactly what you would like. Our main goal is to get as many people together as possible for this one event, and if this will draw out more to attend then we will pursue this option. As mentioned, it will still be held on June 20th, so please plan on that date regardless of where it is.
We would like your input in making this decision ASAP. As you may or may not be aware, when we reserved the Rice-Eccles Tower back in February we made a substantial deposit to hold the date. We are able to cancel that reservation, along with the caterers, within the next week and still receive a full refund. If most of you would like to continue with the formal plan, and we have enough commitments for attendance, then we will proceed with our original plan.
As for us, we just want all of you to come and look forward to a very memorable event!
-Jorge, Trish, Andrea
P.S. Please email us a response, or post a comment on facebook or the website as soon as you possibly can:,, Also, please let all your class of '99 friends know of these details as we do not have everyone's contact info.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ten Year Reunion!!

Our ten year class reunion will be held on June 20, 2009 at The Tower at Rice-Eccles Stadium 4th Floor, at 6:00 pm. We are expecting all of you to come...remember, the Ten Year Reunion happens only once in our lifetime! Due to catering demands, we can only accept admission through pre-payment, so, there will be no pay-at-the-door option...sorry! The cost for the event will be $27.00 per person, guests welcome of course. You can pay by credit/debit card at the link to the right. You will receive an email confirmation of payment once paid. If you would rather not pay by card, you can arrange payment by emailing me at:, and Trish, Andrea, or myself can try to accommodate you. We will need pre-payment by no later than May 31,2009 to give the caterers a final head count. You do not need to be a "blogger" to use this site and pre-pay. Anyone and everyone can use this option. We would ask you to direct all of your friends from our class to this site so that we can get the word out to everyone. We do not have info on everyone, so your help with this is appreciated! Feel free to contact us with any questions. We will be updating this site, so check back frequently.


Welcome to the WXHS Class of 1999 Web Page!!
We are very excited to connect with everyone after TEN YEARS out of High School. It's easy to stay in touch through this site. Just create your own blog on if you don't already have one (it's 100% free and very don't even have to keep it updated if you don't want to! However it IS a fun way to keep in touch!) and then create a link to Please leave a comment on this post with your first and last name (maiden name for girls) and include your blog site address. We'll add your blog and name to the list of classmates. Also, if you keep in contact with anyone from high school that is not on our list of classmates, please let them know about this site by email or telephone so that they too can be a part of our website. This will help us a lot to find people that we haven't seen in at least 10 years!